Panopticon '93 - 30 Years of a Time Lord

PANOPTICON '93 was the finest event yet from DOMINITEMPORAL SERVICES LIMTED, and also the largest Doctor Who convention ever held in the United Kingdom. It was staged with advice and encouragement from BBC Enterprises and Marvel Comics UK to celebrate the show's 30th Anniversary.

We are proud to have released a series of video tapes of highlights from the event.

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Highlights Pt 1

Our first tape features the events on the Saturday. Carole Ann Ford and William Russell reminisce with veteran monster John Scott Martin about the Daleks, the Zarbi and other evil aliens. Mike Craze and Frazer Hines are joined by Anneke Wills, fortuitously visiting the UK from her home in Canada. Deborah Watling fights off the attentions of Frazer and Nicholas Courtney who goes on to meet Jon Pertwee and, flown in from Australia specially for the event, Katy Manning. Elisabeth Sladen discusses the recent Radio 5 story, PARADISE OF DEATH with fellow actor Peter Miles and producer Phil Clarke, before joining Louise Jameson and John Leeson to discuss the show in the late 70s. The day reaches its climax with the first major public appearance by Tom Baker in over ten years.

Highlights Pt 2

The second tape in the series covers the events for the Sunday. Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward discuss the tribulations of Romana and Janet Fielding puts forward some controversial ideas for discussion with Matthew Waterhouse and Nicholas Courtney. Colin Baker then takes to the stage with Nicola Bryant to talk about his turbulent time as the Doctor, and immediately afterwards Sylvester McCoy hosts his own frenetic panel with assistance (and occasional hindrance!) from Sophie Aldred. The day draws to a close with the show stopping appearance of Colin, Sylvester, Jon Pertwee and Peter Davison all at the same time!

Running Time: 72 minutes approx Running Time: 72 minutes approx
The Four Doctors

One Doctor is usually entertainment enough on his own: two Doctors would be special: three unheard of ... but FOUR DOCTORS?

Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy together on one (fortunately rather large!) stage. Their panel - a unique spectacle - is presented here in full.

Tom Baker

This tape features the first major UK appearance for many years of perhaps the most elusive of all the Doctors, Tom Baker. For a little over an hour, the enigmatic actor held an audience of 1200 spellbound with new anecdotes about his life and career, answered questions about his time as the Doctor, and was ultimately reunited with his long time companion Elisabeth Sladen. This performance was so magical that we felt compelled to present the panel in its entirety.

Running Time: 40 minutes approx Running time: 60 minutes approx

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