(Charles Illumination's convention guide, from the PanoptiCon '95 booklet)

The Way It Is...

So this is your first Doctor Who convention, and you don't know what to expect? Fear not, for Dominitemporal Services Limited has generously arranged for your education. Charles Illumination, a veteran of a thousand conventions (well, he's three short of attending a full half-dozen actually), presents his guide to fan gatherings

Attending a Doctor Who convention is a bit like coming home to find an elephant uni-cycling around your living room whilst singing "When I'm Cleaning Windows": unusual. I have compiled a few notes explaining some of the more common problems experienced by people trying to live and breathe Doctor Who for an entire weekend:

Have fun.


*Editor's note: If I hadn't read it, it would still have had nearly as many spelling mistakes in it as the Evil of the Daleks Novelisation.

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