Special Attractions

PanoptiCon 2000 featured:

  • Anneke Wills
  • Frazer Hines
  • Nicholas Courtney
  • Caroline John
  • Katy Manning
  • Elisabeth Sladen
  • Tom Baker
  • Louise Jameson
  • Sarah Sutton
  • Peter Davison
  • Mark Strickson
  • Colin Baker
  • Bonnie Langford
  • Sylvester McCoy
  • Sophie Aldred
  • Chris Boucher
  • David Bailie
  • David Collings
  • Russell Hunter
  • John Nathan-Turner
  • Gary Downie
  • John Culshaw

Plus BBC Books, Big Finish, and Doctor Who Magazine authors and producers; and unique video footage including The Doctor Who Years - a video special specially made for PanoptiCon 2000 by Peter Finklestone and Ed Stradling of the AV Team.

Last update: 14 September

Dominitemporal Services,
in association with BBC Worldwide, presents:

The BIGGEST Doctor Who convention of the year

PanoptiCon 2000

2nd – 3rd September 2000
Manchester, U.K.

Thank You!

PanoptiCon 2000 has been and gone. Thanks to all 850-odd of you who were there. Thank you especially to the stewards, the AV Team, the presenters and interviewers and everyone else who helped make it happen on the day. Once we've recovered, we'll try to get some pictures and stuff on the site.

For those of you who have written with comments and questions: thank you, and we will reply to them all in time. Many of you have asked if the event will be released on video: at the moment we have no such plans, but we will bear the idea in mind.

That's all for now,
Paul Rhodes

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