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PanoptiCon 2002 featured:

  • Carole Ann Ford
  • Ian Cullen
  • Frazer Hines
  • Deborah Watling
  • Dudley Simpson
  • Nicholas Courtney
  • Elisabeth Sladen
  • Stewart Bevan
  • Peter Davison
  • Colin Baker
  • Faith Brown
  • Sylvester McCoy
  • India Fisher
  • Caroline Morris
  • Maggie Stables

Plus representatives of:

Last update: 18 October

Dominitemporal Services presents:

PanoptiCon 2002

The world's premier Doctor Who event

7th – 8th September 2002
The Palace Hotel, Manchester, U.K.

Thank you...

Thank you to everyone who came along and made PanoptiCon 2002 a weekend to remember!

Special thanks to all the guests, the stewards and presenters, the AV Team, Paul Condon / Popgun for the disco, Minorplanet for performing on Saturday night, Robin Prichard for the photo studio, the Palace Hotel, the dealers, Big Finish, DWM, BBC Worldwide, BBC Online.


If you're still waiting for your photos, our apologies - the photos were ready on time but the card mailers weren't. They are going out now (updated 22 October).

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